Wednesday, June 27, 2012

not alone…

I accidentally bit off a bit more than I could chew today. That’s why I’m sitting here in a quiet house at 6:45 p.m. on a Wednesday. My wonderful husband offered to take all my children far, far away when he got home, and I took him up on it. (I don’t like taking him up on it and usually don’t, so that tells ya how today has gone.)

The not feeling good thing and the stress from worrying periodically that I have ovarian cancer hasn’t made for a particularly fun day. I’m going to have to make that doctor’s appointment I really don’t want to make just to cover my bases.

I kept a friend’s little boys today so she could go to the doctor’s office herself. She wasn’t feeling so great, either.

And I was reminded of something as she talked. A lot of parents of young children don’t feel so great on a regular basis. We’re not getting enough sleep, we have practically no down time, and fussy, demanding children are just plain stressful.

Its not just me. Yeah, my problems are different from her problems and are different from so and so’s problems down the street, but it’s not unusual to feel like you’re falling apart at the seams during this stage of life.

David has multiple recurring mouth sores. It got so bad recently that he went to see a doctor for them. The doctor’s prescription? More sleep and less stress.

You’re very funny, Mr. Doctor Man. Tell me another one. Would you like to come over here and babysit? Oh really? You’re afraid that you’d get mouth sores? Hmmmm…..

We’ve got to ride this out, fellow parents in the trenches. We’ve got to make yet another doctor’s appointment and call yet another babysitter and do our best to not overload our plates with fun activities that exhaust us.

I’ve got to remind myself a million times a day that God is in control of every stressful situation I face, and that it probably won’t end up being as bad as I usually think it will be….

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