Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mama’s minutia…


- I let my children paint today. With tempera paint. Everyone burst into wild applause now. It started with doing that salad spinner painting craft. I’d taken a minute to cut up some paper to fit last night (wild applause again) and drag out the tempera paint from under some boxes of soda in the pantry. They loved dripping the paint on the paper and getting it spinning, but that led to wanting to paint with actual brushes and stuff.

- I like having drying works of art lying on all the counters in my kitchen. No, I really do. It makes me feel like I get a “Good Mommy” sticker for the day.

- Somebody needs to make “Good Mommy” stickers, and then somebody else needs to buy me some.

- See that baby swing in the picture above? I recently discovered some rather large gouges in the paint on the wall exactly matching the spots that swing arms vigorously swung would go. My 3-year-old had been warned numerous times not to touch the swing. He’s lucky I found evidence of his sin while he was napping. Yep, that is one lucky boy.

- I expect that these gouges will still be there when Ben turns 3. The effort that it would take to hunt down the can of matching paint color is not to be taken lightly. (I’m learning not to care about these kinds of things. It’s the only way I can survive life with 3 boys.) I think I’ll put a bird on the marks and call it a day. =) Sarah, that one was for you.

- Seth just called me away to watch him and Ben play tug o’ war with a rubber snake. Seth informs me that Ben won because he “tugged the hardest.” I think Ben let go so he wouldn’t be dragged over onto his stomach, but that’s just me.

- Seth isn’t so fond of competition. We suspect that it’s because he can’t always win, so he doesn’t want anyone to win. We’ve taught the boys to congratulate the winner and tell him “You did a good job!” They’re both fine with this now, but Seth also likes to declare a tie. “We made a tie, Evan. We made a TIE!”

- Ben is having his afternoon swinging time right now. We have to crank that baby up to 5 or higher for maximum baby happiness. The batteries really need to be changed. I’m listening to tired, run down, warbling of some rousing classical song. “Claire de Lune” sounds really sad in run down baby swing-ese.

- I made a crockpot full of dried pintos yesterday. 2 lb. of beans will really smell up your house, I tell ya. The guy from the cable company who came by said he could tell I was making Mexican. I put 2 minced onions in there, and after I drain out the water, I season them good with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Tonight I make homemade Mexican rice. I plan to make enough to freeze, and this will keep us in taco salad for a little while. We have it with plenty of beans, rice, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, and broken up corn tostadas.

- There is one regular grocery store around here that sells bags of flat, round, corn tostadas. You can get 20+ of these for $2.29, and I think this is a great deal. They’re a lot like chips, except I’m not tempted to eat the whole bag, and it’s a lot more economical than buying lots of boxes of hard taco shells. Check the Mexican section of your local Food Lion, local peeps.

- Adios, amigos. (If I misspelled any of that, please remember that I took 6 years of French.)


Chelsea said...

Bien joue, mon amie!

Ellen said...

En effet. =)