Wednesday, June 06, 2012

math, handwriting, and reading… oh my!

Ok, so I already posted my group studies curriculum. Now we move on to the subjects that can’t easily be taught to a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old at the same time.

At some point in the day, maybe morning, maybe while Evan and Ben are napping, I will be doing math, handwriting, and reading with Seth.

I may give Evan one of these workbooks to do. I used them with Seth, and they were great. This may help Evan feel like he’s got “special school” to do as well. I will also have a long list of independent learning activities typed up to remind me of things I can pull out for Evan to do. I may put some of them in a fun box to pull out just while Seth is working with me.

My plan is to use the Primer Level of Math-U-See with Seth. I think math curriculum is such an individualized thing. I think that Seth’s brain works well with these kinds of manipulatives based on other work we’ve done, and I think he needs a slow start on math to keep from getting frustrated.

I’m going to continue with All About Learning Press’ Reading Curriculum. He’s loved the Pre-Reading Curriculum, and when we finish that, I’ll get the next one. There are tons of readers that we can get from the library when we need those.

“Handwriting Without Tears” has been recommended to me, and I checked it out at the book fair, but it seemed more involved than we need right now. Mom used A Reason for Writing with us, and I have good memories of it, so that’s what I bought for this year. Eventually he’ll be copying out Bible verses and coloring the pages he’s written on to put up on the wall.

I don’t know yet how long this will take per day. Maybe 30 minutes? We’ll find out… =)

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I have so enjoyed your homeschooling posts!