Friday, April 13, 2012

stunt riders…

On the Saturday before Easter, our little family went to an Easter egg hunt and BMX bike show at a local church. The 3 bikers went up and down ramps, did lots of flips, etc., and the boys LOVED it. One of their stunts involved asking for 4 volunteers to lie on the ground for them to jump over. They also told everyone not to try their tricks at home and to always wear a helmet.

Fast forward a week, and our house has been invaded by “BLF motorcycle” riders. =) Seth begged me to drag his helmet out of the shed, and he and Evan have been having “motorcycle shows” on the front porch for me to watch. Since the porch is concrete and runs the front of the house, I let them go outside there as long as they don’t go off the porch. I can hear what they’re saying or doing from the playroom, and I can see them out of the windows.

This morning, Seth asked me to lie down on the porch so he could jump his “motorcycle” over me. I laughed, and I told him that he could jump over a pretend person instead. Since he didn’t even pretend to jump as he ran over the pretend person, I decided that I’d made the right decision.

Right before nap, I heard him ask Evan to volunteer to be jumped over. Evan chirped, “Ok!,” and ran outside. I heard Seth talking to him about this stunt, and then they both started riding bikes, and I concluded that it was all pretend again.

I told them I was taking Baby Ben upstairs for nap, and when I came back down, it would be their turn to go up for nap. A minute later, I open the front door, and what do I find?

I find Evan lying face up in front of the doormat with the front wheel of Seth’s bike on his chest, a giant smile on his little face.

Fortunately, Seth wasn’t actually riding on his bicycle. Apparently, he’d been walking it over Evan. (Yeah, like that makes it sooo much better.) I spoke to him seriously about how much he could hurt Evan putting a bicycle on top of him. I talked about the hospital, serious internal injuries, etc.

Seth’s answer? “But he VOLUNTEERED, Mommy! And he had a very brave face!”

Life with little boys is never, ever dull. =)


Perry and Amanda said...

so relate to this - loved it

Brandy @ Afterthoughts said...

So. cute!