Sunday, April 15, 2012

low key….


It’s naptime, and I will soon join the other members of my family. =) But for now, I thought I’d show you a view out of my kitchen window. Notice the two little boys sitting on the woodpile?

It’s been a wonderfully low key weekend. David took the big boys to soccer on Saturday morning, and I got to do some yard saleing. Ben is suffering from the pollen in the air, so his stuffy nose kept him from taking much of a morning nap. That was a win for me on this day. We just headed out to catch a few more of the yard sales… =)

David mowed the lawn, and after a simple dinner prepared while the boys all played in the back yard, we were met with cheers when we suggested a little walk on the local Greenway path.

We took our neighbor’s little girl with us, and she and Evan had the stroller for a lot of the way. I put Ben in the baby carrier, and Seth rode his bike (with training wheels). Toward the end, Seth was getting tired. He asked me if I’d walk next to him so he could have some company.

I asked him if he wanted to sing some songs. We sang the “Winnie the Pooh” song together while we walked along. I had one hand on Ben’s tiny head, snug in his carrier, and one hand on the back of my big 5-year-old.

These are the kinds of weekends I will love to remember one day when my boys are grown. We plan very little these days for our weekends, and we try and accomplish as little as possible besides just playing and being with each other.

Sometimes I feel very out of the mainstream of life with this schedule. We tend not to invite others to join us to play because we’re pretty sure they booked up weeks ago. It’s tough for us to make a decision about what to do until the last minute, since we don’t know how the day (or week) is going to go with three tiny boys.

But this really works for us at this stage of life, so I’m going with it! =)

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Anonymous said...

Finally catching up on my fav blogs. And I have to say I agree with ditching the "over scheduled" lifestyle. The most important thing we can do with our kids is spend time as a family, not buzzing about "doing" everything. You're not the only one avoiding the frey. :-)