Saturday, August 13, 2011

just checking in…

- Gray Saturday morning. Headed out early for a little yard saleing. We have one excited 4-year-old who loves to get little toys with his ziploc baggie of coins.

- I found an awesome tanagram set for a quarter! I was thinking of ordering one from Amazon for over $20, so finding it was such a nice blessing. I think the one I got may be better than the one I was looking at online, and I can’t wait to sit at the kitchen table and do some of the easier cards with Seth.

- Seth bought a beanie baby turkey with one of his quarters. The irony is that we sold off its identical twin at our yard sale. That boy… =)

- Evan has the Cold That Never Ends. He lay down last Friday night and had a bad night with congestion and coughing and a runny nose. And it’s been like that all week. He hasn’t been up and down every night, but it’s been a few. David has slept with the boys in the guest bed a few nights to deal with it more easily. I took him to the doctor yesterday, and I got a prescription for a bubble gum flavored antibiotic. He’s got to have a sinus infection… no cold lasts this long with no improvement. Sigh.

- We’re having a quiet weekend because of Evan’s illness. David is really tired, and so am I, so this is probably exactly what we need. I’m worried that one of us will come down with Evan’s cold if we don’t get more rest, and this would be horrible timing. And I’m a little sad because it looks like he won’t get to meet his new brother on said brother’s birthday.

- My arms and legs feel tight and heavy. No more overdoing it. The floor can just stay filthy…

- But we now have little boy scooters! They were a great deal at another yard sale! And I’m thankful that we have a porch that goes the length of our house. Since we don’t have a garage, this is a great place to keep our increasing collection of riding toys/roller skates/helmets and knee pads. =)

- David had “coffee time” with Seth this morning. Seth thinks he’s a big boy when he gets to sit and drink “coffee” alone with his daddy. Now they’re off for a father/son date at Steak and Shake. He’d been pretending to make me hamburgers out of playdough a lot the past two weeks, so we figured he had a hankering for one.

- Wednesday is D-day. I feel like it can’t come soon enough, and it also seems like it’s not real, and we’re not prepared… This baby thing is like riding a bike, right? =)

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SMS said...

Yes.. it is exactly like riding a bike.. an adorable snuggly sweet smelling little bike :)