Monday, August 01, 2011

and I will not have to rip down my porch… =)

Thanks for praying for my porch inspection, y’all. I have been sweating this thing all weekend, praying whenever I felt worried. But it’s been affecting me. For instance, I took Seth to see the “Winnie the Pooh” movie as his first cinema experience, and the part where Piglet was digging a hole made me want to look away. (There’s been some digging around porch footings going on around here.)

The inspector came out, the guy who built the porch was here, and the inspector gave him a very small and manageable list of things to fix. The way the inspector had been acting before, asking for all these things to be taken up and dug up, I had NO IDEA what he could ask for. And I’m a control freak.

David reminded me last night, “Everything we have is God’s. If God wants to waste His money ripping down a porch and putting it back together, that’s up to Him.” =) I just didn’t want to live here while that was happening…

So this is a huge load off my mind. And maybe everything will get put back before my littlest man arrives. Oh, just so there’s no confusion…. We’re not naming him “Trey.”  That’s just been my blog nickname for him since we found out he was the third boy. We knew lots of guys in law school named things like Oscar Hamlet Beauregard III, and they all went by “Trey.” =)

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