Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good things: new baby edition…


- A sweet smelling baby with soft, brushed down baby fuzz, fresh from his first bath. And realizing I still remember how to give one… =)

- Seeing the neighbor’s gift of balloons floating down from the backyard trees days after they escaped from our front porch. And getting to call her and tell her that we got her present after all.

- Hot, fresh meals delivered every two days…. and an online calendar full of this kind of love to last us all month. Overwhelmed with this generosity.

- A full box of wonderful toys and games, lovingly chosen by a friend and blog reader, and opened at the end of a hormonal day. Thank you, Powell.

- Lactation consultants that call back promptly.

- That pumping on one side for 24 hours, soaking in salt water, and coating in Neosporin seems to have my one poor, wounded baby feeder back in business… with a nipple shield. Continued prayers for full functionality and healing appreciated. Pumping every 3 hours, cleaning up pumping stuff, trying to get the baby to eat it… not such a fun thing.

- A call from a friend on the way to the grocery store to ask if we need anything… right after realizing I’d forgotten to buy milk.

- A wonderful preschool counting game discovered in my feed reader from Money Saving Mom. Click on “Workboxables” and “Number Wheel By Ami.” I’m looking forward to getting the clothespins for this…

- Lysol wipes. And the fact that me spilling two sugary drinks on the floor within 5 minutes of each other hasn’t taken down my afternoon because of them.

- A morning alone with my 2-year-old baby while Daddy and Seth introduced Ben to his co-workers. So helpful in making me feel less guilt for making my baby a middle child…

- The best husband in the universe telling me that he wouldn’t want to miss out on the early tough days even if he could by going back to work right away.

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