Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Spring project for multiple ages…


This morning, the boys did their first art project together… well, sorta. =)

Here’s what you do:

Take out a sheet of white posterboard. Lay it on the kitchen floor on top of a couple of old towels.

Put your 4-year-old at the table with green tempera paint, 8-10 popsickle sticks laid out on paper plates, and a paintbrush. Tell him to paint all the popsickle sticks green. They will be daffodil stems later on.

While he’s working on that, have the toddler fingerpaint with green paint on the bottom of your posterboard (grass) and on the top of the posterboard with blue (sky). Attempt to keep both of you from getting covered in paint. Good luck.

Let it all dry…. The next day, glue the “stems” on the paper, and have the toddler help you glue baking cup daffodils on top. To do this, glue one baking cup completely flat, and then glue another (not flattened) in the center of it.

The 4-year-old is now cutting up strips of green paper into additional “grass” using his new and improved cutting skills. Let him glue them over his brother’s fingerpainted grass…

Voila! A beautiful spring painting for your playroom wall…. =)


Rachel said...

Do we get a picture of the finished project???? : )

Ellen said...

I just added the pic, Rachel. =)