Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Simple woman’s Daybook… hmmm…

Ok, so I like these prompts from the Simple Woman’s Daybook blog… but I don’t really like the name. I mean, how many really simple women do YOU know? And who wants to be thought of as simple, anyway? It makes me think of a Victorianism for slow-witted. So, I may post a version of this from time to time, but I may not call it by its original name.

Outside my window . . . gray, cold… the kind of day that makes me want to curl up under blankets and read…

I am thinking . . . that I love being home with my little boys surrounding me. Years from now, we’ll all be scattered, so I don’t take this for granted now.

I am thankful for . . . rubber snakes, umbrellas with cars all over them, and roller coaster ride squeals coming from the backyard…

From the learning rooms . . . I have my reading curriculum picked out, but we’re not really close to getting started with it. Doing lots of upper and lower case flashcards and talking about letter sounds right now.

From the kitchen . . . Frozen homemade breakfast burritos for David and Seth tonight, and a Trader Joe’s frozen gordita for me. I’ve got a hair appointment tonight, and I don’t want a lot of cleanup for David.

I am wearing . . . bulky, warm clothes… huge cast off college sweatshirt of my brothers that totally conceals my 16-week baby bump and gray sweatpants.

I am creating . . . fingernails and hair and ears right now… or so the baby book tells me. =) This is why I tell myself I have no energy to create anything else.

I am going . . . to the zoo soon. The boys have never been, and we want to go before it gets hot. That can happen without warning in the South. Maybe in a couple of Saturdays…

I am reading . . . To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. I’ve never read anything by her before. It’s interesting… different.

I am hoping . . . for some sun and warm weather this week so we can enjoy a new park I’ve heard about.

I am hearing . . . Seth humming to himself. He does this quite a lot. I love it.

Around the house . . . the laundry is folded. It’s early for this week. Not put away, though…. Hey, we aren’t out of underwear yet. =)

One of my favorite things . . . Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered caramels.

A few plans for the rest of the week . . . Nothing unusual… CBS, park playtime, finishing up a fun craft…

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