Friday, July 27, 2007

Random rainy evening post...

It's been a lovely evening so far. David and I ran around today, getting items for the impending visit of cousins who live overseas. We wanted to make this place as visitor friendly as possible before they get here next Monday, so we headed to Target and Lowes. We left with a new gas grill and my favorite item...a porch swing!

Mom and Dad dropped by this afternoon because Mom had left her clothes hanging in our closet. They were going halfway to Raleigh to pick up something this afternoon, so they just came the rest of the way to pick up their things. I haven't lived within "dropping by" distance of my parents since I was first married, over 6 years ago. So, they got here, and I was sure glad they did.

I found a great sale on the porch swing, but David was nervous about trying to put it up, so he said my dad would have to do it sometime. Well, that time was today! I couldn't wait. I was like a little kid about this. So David put it together, and he and Dad hung it from the back porch rafters. It's perfect.

We all sat together on the back porch, and I got to swing to my heart's content. I came in to make dinner, and when I turned, I could see all my family out on the porch, with Mom on the swing with Seth. The water bubbled for the noodles, the smell of meatballs came from the oven, and I heard the voices of so many people that I love right outside. We ate on the porch with a light rain drumming on the roof.

I feel so blessed right now. I've wanted to come "home" for a good, long time now. God provided a way for us to do it, and I am so appreciative. But, Seth is crying in his swing instead of catnapping, so I must go. It's been a wonderful day, though. And I'll get up pictures of my swing soon, whether you care or not. =)


Sarah Shingler said...

Pictures pictures pictures!!! I certainly do care!! I am currently living vicariously and would like to know what my swing looks like ;)

Kelli B. said...

Ah, the porch swing! I think that is one of the things I miss most about our big porch in PA. Glad you are making your house a home!

Joshua said...

Oh how glorious Ellen! A porch swing. . . I have many fond memories on my grandmother's and my aunt's porch swings. I thought of you today as we were on our way to church. We pray that you, David and Seth are soon to find a wonderful church family to call home!
-again this is Bethany not Joshua