Thursday, August 01, 2013

My first experience with Stitch Fix...

Ok, so enough of my friends have been curious about my experiment with Stitch Fix that I thought I should post about it. :) I saw it on some mommy blogs that I read, and I decided that I'd throw a little of my fun money at it.

So this is how it works... you go to the website and answer an extensive questionnaire... height, weight,  bra size, typical sizes, what you want to hide or flaunt, the colors you like and want to avoid, jewelry tone preferences, etc. At the end of this, you can leave a personal note AND give a link to a style board on Pinterest. (I had to create a style board because I have no style, but I just re-pinned from friends who have style, so there ya go.)

Then you request a fix. (You can do this whenever you'd like; its not like a club where they make you have a "fix" whether you'd like one or not.) You can make a personal request to your stylist. I asked for  a cardigan, a casual top, and a necklace that go together that I would wear with jeans. I also told them nothing that had to be dry cleaned.

I selected a price point of "as cheap as possible." The next price point up was $50-100 per item. Most of the items that came in my fix were between $30-$60. Now, that's higher than I usually pay for my clothes, but keep in mind, my clothes come from Old Navy and Target, and they're trashed after about 6 months most of the time. I'm tired of this, and I wanted some slightly higher quality stuff because I have no time to replace my ratty clothes.

You pay a $20 styling fee. It's not refundable, but you can apply it toward whatever you keep from your box.

I've got to say, I was pleasantly impressed. I didn't expect to like anything in my box, honestly. (I'm a pessimist from a long line of pessimists.) Almost everything fit and did not accentuate the negatives. And I found one item that I really like and am going to keep.

This is keepin' it real. Notice the pile of clean sheets in the corner and my head chopped off 'cause I'm not wearing any make up and my hair is wet from my post work out shower.

Item no. 1- dress and belt. Price point? $68. I would have to LOVE this dress to keep it. I didn't, so its going back. But the fit was good, and I would consider another dress of this style. Just didn't like the colors or the weird front pockets.

Items 2, 3, and 4- Shirt, cardigan, and necklace. The shirt was thin and wrinkled easily, and I have other things in this color. I LOVED the cardy, but alas, it was too small. (You can't ask for a change in size.) I would've kept it if it had been the right size. It was $34. The pink shirt was about that, too. And so was the necklace. I'm not keeping a $40 necklace unless its made of sterling silver, so that's going back, too. But it's a cute look, and I was pleased that she included it.

Item 5- Tunic top. This is the keeper. You probably can't see it, but there are brass studs around the neck and around the edges of the sleeves. I think it'll go with everything, is season less, and is something I probably wouldn't have thought would work had I seen it in the store. I can wear it to church all year long, and it looked great with the too small cardigan and would look good with lots of different colors of sweaters. At $58, I wouldn't have tried it on in the store BUT that's kind of the point.  I've already sunk $20 in, so I just had to decide if it was worth $40.

At this point in my life, people, time is worth more than money. I'm gonna be honest. I have no time to shop because that's the choice I have made. I homeschool my children, I like spending weekends together as a family, and I have to use naptime on weekends when Daddy is home to get necessary errands done that usually are not for me. (Or napping. Napping usually wins.) Spending whole days shopping isn't a possibility much anymore. And shopping doesn't sound that appealing when there are so many other things to be done.

If I do this a few times a year, and if the clothes hold up well, I will have some items to wear to church and my Bible study that don't make me want to cringe. And that made this experiment feel worth it to me.

If you're in my boat, you might want to give it a try! And if you do, please use my referral link. (I don't remember exactly what I get if you do, but it's something. :) And if you're reading this and are cleaning out your closet, remember me. Since most of my closet is faded maternity stuff. Thank you and the end. :)


Suzie Bush said...

you look so good!! I would have kept the dress- it looks great. I think that was a great choice of your time and money in your season of life!! Cant wait to tell you how stylin you look at bible study :)

Shannon said...

Just got my first fix (on your referral) and loved every piece they sent! The best part? All but one top were things I probably never would have picked up in the store to try on, so they're really different from anything else in my wardrobe. They are comfortable, stylish, and modest.
So glad you mentioned this, both here and on FB. :)