Friday, October 26, 2012

friday morning….


This is what breakfast time looks like around here most of the time. “Benji Boo Boo” (the nickname that I call him most often) likes to get down from his high chair and pull up on Evan’s. We call him the “baby thief.” Yesterday, he stole a big hunk of pb&j off Evan’s tray and shoved it into his mouth very quickly, perfectly aware that he was going to lose it if he didn’t. And then he got lots of peanut butter in his hair.

Our tiniest can eat his big brothers under the table. He polished off two slices of homemade pizza for dinner the other night without batting an eyelash. And then banged his hands on his tray for more food…

Yes, I do put my 3-year-old in a high chair still. I have three children under the age of 6, and there is only so much getting up and down at meals that I can stand. No judging. =)

It’s a little chilly and gloomy today, and I’d love to make potato soup, but I don’t have any celery. Celery is essential. I briefly considered throwing them all in the car and going out for celery. And then I decided that it so totally wasn’t worth it. We’re having baked chicken and rice pilaf for dinner instead.

School starts in about 10 minutes. I am endlessly grateful for Ben’s morning nap. The boys have gotten really patient about me getting up several times in the middle of reading a book to stop Ben from stabbing himself with a pencil or pulling the computer modem out of the wall.

I am not so patient.

Fall festival at church is this weekend. Costumes are TBD still for Seth and Evan. I want to make Evan be a lion because that’s what we have in his size. David wants to let him be Superman if he wants. They may be showing up in totally homemade and mildly disreputable looking superhero outfits made of their pajamas and random capes and masks. We’ll see.

I borrowed an adorable Winnie the Pooh outfit for Ben. =)

Speaking of Ben, we keep his baby board books on the bottom shelves of a little bookcase in the living room. He crawls in there all the time now and pulls them off, turning the pages, and babbling in a little thoughtful, interested voice to himself.

We talk for Ben in a high pitched voice all the time, and the boys have gotten into it. I asked Evan to apologize to Ben the other day, and he did, and then he said in a little higher pitched voice, “I forgive you.” =)

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