Sunday, October 28, 2012

breakfast cream…

It’s past midnight, but the Coughing That Will Not End Until Every Bit of Pollen Is Gone is keeping me awake, so I figured I’d write about breakfast.

I read that book about how French women don’t get fat, and I got at least one thing out of it that has changed my life….. breakfast cream.

This way, I can start out my day virtuous in the food department. If things go downhill from there, so be it, but it helps my motivation to be so pure and clean and healthy around 8:30 a.m.

I know you want to know all about this, so here’s my recipe…

1/2 c. plain low fat Greek yogurt (BJ’s has the best price in town on this)

1 t. flax seed (makes me feel all healthy just to type that)

3 heaping teaspoons quick oats

1-2 t. raw, organic, local honey (or squirt some out of the big plastic container you got from BJ’s)

a few walnuts, almonds, whatever

Mix and eat. It looks gross, so your kids will happily leave you alone and continue munching their cinnamon Life…. =) Feel the healthy just coursing through your veins. You’re welcome.

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