Friday, January 06, 2012


All the boys are still napping, so I’m taking 5 minutes to sing the praises of a wonderful day!

We haven’t had much winter weather in our part of the world, and while I miss it for cozy time around the fireplace in the evening, I must admit that this helps a lot when you have active little boys. We went to the “merry go round” park today… without our jackets. =) The boys dug and built piles in the sandbox, and I stood there and watched them, Ben snuggled up against my chest in the Beco carrier. We all enjoyed the sunshine, and I swayed gently back and forth, kissing Ben’s sleeping, downy head, saying silent prayers of thanksgiving for each of them.

Everything is better when Ben naps. Everything. =)

He went down in his swing, fully awake, not even crying for 5 minutes, and I had a blessed hour and a half with Seth and Evan. Seth had some cutting practice with scissors, he did some glueing on a collage, and Evan got to put some stickers on paper. (I’m thinking of creating a little art tote for Seth with markers, crayons, scissors, glue stick… basic stuff…. but there are some things I don’t want Evan to have access to. Hmmm, what to do? Seasoned moms, give me advice.)

Imaginary play was back today after a few days of absence. David and I have realized that we probably use reading books like popping in a video sometimes. It’s the default thing we do when the boys are fighting or whining. “Come here, and I’ll read you a book.” Or 2. Or 12. =)

But today, Seth pulled out the baby doll, stripped him down, and gave him a bath in the blue changing pad “bathtub.” Dolly got a good scrub and a towel off. Then Evan wanted to try it. It was pretty funny to see him lay down obediently on the changing pad, and Seth scrubbing him all over with an orange washcloth.

Seth is currently building an airplane with newspapers and tape. I think I’m going to give him a roll of aluminum foil for his birthday to help with his endeavor.

Well, I hear crying from my bed. Time to rescue the baby. And get the beef stew going for dinner. Happy weekend eve, y’all!

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