Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th of July….



Happy 4th of July from our boys….


This was our second time doing our little neighborhood children’s parade. Seth was so excited about it that he told everyone he met for days that he was going to decorate his bicycle and ride in a parade. And he kept asking me if it was Monday yet…. =)

DSC_0055 Evan decided early on that his stroller was for sissies. He just climbed in with this little boy. (We made him ride in the stroller once the parade started. This 5-year-old was a wild driver. =) After the parade was over, Evan hopped on a battery powered 3 wheeler and tried to take off before anyone noticed. He’s our wild man.

DSC_0065   Seth never looked back. And he wanted to keep up with the older kids who didn’t have training wheels on their bikes. Oh, to be four years old with a big boy bike…


Somebody came out of one of the closest houses with boxes full of bomb pops for the kids once it was over. Sweet. Literally. =)

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