Thursday, January 26, 2006

Our nephew is born...

Baby Isaac Nathaniel Whitaker came into the world today at 3:49 p.m. central time. He weighed 7 lb., 7 oz. (the Biblical number of completion, by the way), and he was twenty inches long. At the moment, he has dark blue eyes and what my brother describes as "brown/gray" hair and a bald spot. He sounds perfect to me. And that is what he is. He's medically quite perfect. I love writing those words. About a month ago, Terri went in for an ultrasound, and it detected a kink in the aortic valve to Isaac's heart. His heart wasn't able to pump blood well, and the doctors were telling Vance and Terri that it was almost certain that he would have to have heart surgery shortly after he was born. Well, my brother is a prayer warrior, and so is his wonderful wife. I know few people who serve God so consistently and faithfully. They prayed, and we prayed, and several churches prayed. Everybody was praying. And God chose to answer the prayers of two of his faithful servants. They got a miracle. When he was born, he was immediately taken to the neonatal ICU for intensive testing. After about three hours, the doctors pronounced him "perfect." There is nothing wrong with his heart. There is nothing wrong with him at all. Praise the Lord. He still works miracles. He is a God who hears.


Kelli Bragdon said...

COngrats!! Praise The Lord!! What a way to start life! I know he will soon realize how blessed he is with his parents and extended family. Blessings- Kelli

Anonymous said...

congrats to all the Whits and Brags :) and whoever Terri's family is as well. Quel Blessing!
Way to Daddy Vance!!!!