Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hi, everyone!

Well, I guess I'd better introduce myself a bit. My sister-in-law got me thinking that a blog might be a good idea, so here goes. My name is Ellen , and the other cornball in the field with me is my wonderful husband, David. We currently reside in Birmingham, AL where I am finishing up my M.A. in History. I work as a preschool teacher on the side, since I enjoy blowing bubbles as much as I love reading about British 19th century Evangelicals. David is working as a corporate litigator. We are members to the point of exhaustion (active?) at a small Baptist church where we enjoy teaching Sunday School to teens and young adults, singing in the choir, helping with children's church, etc. Life has been full of joys and sorrows for us lately, but we have learned that when you're trying to follow God's will for your life, that life will never be dull. If its what He wants, it's always worth it. Ultimately. Even thought it doesn't feel like it every day. Hey, I have lots of failings, but honesty about my feelings is not one of them. I'm thankful that He has grace for all of it.

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