Monday, December 29, 2014

Post Christmas...

We've been hit with a virus that's going around town, and I don't have much pleasant to say about the last few days. Fevers, coughs, snotty noses, and bad nights of sleep are things I don't really want to write about, much less slog through. We discovered that Evan had thrown up (from a snotty stomach probably) when we arrived at church for the Christmas Eve service, so we turned around and went home. That was pretty disappointing, but we had a pretty good Christmas anyway before David and Ben and I came down with the bug. 

But I do have a sweet story! :) Ben is only allowed to have a passy now at nap time. That has made his passy a treasured possession, lemme tell ya. Anyway, we have a baby doll wrapped in a white receiving blanket that we put on the table in the living room on Christmas Day. Ben decided that Baby Jesus needed a passy. He put his passy in Baby Jesus' mouth, and ran off as we all smiled. 

At nap time on Christmas Day, Ben looked longingly at Baby Jesus' passy. We asked him if he'd like to borrow it from Baby Jesus for his nap time. So he enthusiastically popped it in his mouth, and we headed upstairs for nap. After nap, the first thing he said was "I give the passy back to Baby Jesus now." And so he did, just as as soon as he got downstairs. :) 

He's gone through this routine for several days now. I'm putting off putting Baby Jesus away because it's so cute. :) 

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