Monday, July 16, 2012

mama’s minutia…


His brothers got ahold of him…. Current superpower: eating paper.

- We had a great weekend. We stayed up way too late on Saturday with our adopted college student turned friend. He’s in law school now, so we’re seeing him less. Sniff. He’s still penniless, so I cleaned out out my freezer, and he left pretty gleeful with a full cooler.

- And then Sunday afternoon we went to see a group of friends from college. One of the couples and their kids were down for a visit from P.A., so everyone gathered. Between the bunch of us, we’ve produced 10 kids. I’m proud to say that we had more than anybody else. =)

- It was a really heartwarming to see how well all the kids played together. Our hosts had a wide variety of awesome big boy toys including all kinds of guns and death rays and superheroes and their gear. Seth and Evan were in little boy heaven. Ben practiced army crawling from room to room for hours. A miracle occurred, and he actually took a nap there in his baby tent for two hours.

- I’ve started a “read aloud” with Seth and Evan. I’ve hemmed and hawed for a ridiculously long time, agonizing over what our very first read aloud should be. I wanted a guaranteed success at capturing and retaining their attention. Well, I am proud to report that “Homer Price” worked. There are illustrations every 4 pages or so, and the chapters are self-contained stories. I still remember the first story about Homer capturing robbers with his skunk named Aroma from my childhood.

- And today I finally taught Seth how to play Uno. I knew he could do it before now, but he wouldn’t try. Well, this time I just made him try. I took all the skips, draw-twos, etc., out of the deck until we were left with just number cards and wilds. I laid his cards and my cards out in front of us on the floor so we could both see them. After the first game, he was hooked. It didn’t hurt that I let him beat me four times in a row. That was what he wanted to tell Nana when we called her. =)

- If any of you homeschoolers out there have any ideas for very, very basic patriotism/civics books I can use this year, I’m all ears. I want something that will explain the idea of what a country is, what a government is, what states are, etc. on a kindergarten level.

- I’m reading “Peter and Wendy” by J.M. Barrie. I’m on a British children’s literature kick. I’ve downloaded just about everything that E. Nesbit ever wrote to my Kindle, and I’ve already devoured “The Railway Children” and “Five Children and It.” But “Peter and Wendy” is in another class entirely. You’ve got to try it. It’s enchanting and delightful and a million other Victorian sounding adjectives… =)

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