Saturday, September 10, 2011

easy teacher gift…

Hey, y’all. Writing with Ben in a sling. I think we’re going to be using it a lot in the future. He likes human contact a lot. =)

We’re doing pretty well. It was kind of a rough week. My mom was here helping me, and that was great. It was especially great because David ended up having to work very late every night of the week. The poor guy… It was hard on all of us. And I think I’m about ready to start the “new normal” around here. Monday is my first day without help. Pray.

But anyway… I thought I’d give you a tip for a really easy teacher gift. I have no energy for crafting right now, but I wanted to do something for the Sunday school teachers who faithfully taught my boys during the last year. I taught a class myself, so I know how much a little gesture can mean. And this will be a very little gesture. =)

First, go to the store and buy some packs of Snickers bars. Then buy a bag of Hershey Hugs.

Go home, and drag out a couple of plain colored gift bags that you’ve been hoarding from your stash of used bags.

Open Microsoft Word and type the following:

“Hugs and kisses” to some awesome teachers that have “really satisfied” this year. =) We will miss you. Love, Seth

Then Google “pictures of Snickers” and click on one of the images given. Right click on that, click on “print picture,” and print out a couple. Cut out the pictures and glue on your printed message. Glue the whole message to the front of the gift bag and fill with the appropriate amount of candy.

You’re done! You’ve got an easy teacher gift that even the sleep deprived mother of a newborn can create. Now, let’s hope she actually remembers to take it to church tomorrow…

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