Saturday, June 07, 2014

From the beach...

I'm typing this on my iPad at a McDonalds near the family cabin. I can see a few palm trees from my window, and this table looks like a surfboard. Thankful currently for a shower, the ability to dry my hair by opening both van windows, and free wifi. :) Oh, yes, and for my iPad. I will probably never love our iMac, but I definitely have a love affair with my iPad. 

I was talking to my neighbor the other day, and she asked where David was. I told her we weren't seeing him as much because he's doing a lot of trial preparation. She gave me this look and said, "What? You're having a trial separation?" She misheard, but then we both thought it was kind of funny. A trial is separating us, so I guess it's true in a way. Sigh.

He hasn't had a big trial since I was pregnant with Ben, so none of us are used to it anymore. The boys are older now, and they definitely notice when he's not around as much. That's hard for him. We sat them down and talked with them about what he does and why. We also talked about being a team and working together to make this tough time better. I think Seth and Evan really get it. They're trying to be helpful with Ben and make life a little easier for me. They're really growing up.
We got a great deal to go to Great Wolf Lodge at the end of May, and David couldn't go. We knew that was a big possibility, but we decided to get the deal anyway. My dad went with me, and Ben stayed with my mom. The boys and I loved it, and now I know this is the kind of thing we should really do again. But that means that with this trip, we'll have been having a lot of fun without Daddy lately. It's better for him in some ways if we do go off, but it still feels a bit weird.

Seth has learned to paddle on this trip. We're using a flat plastic shovel as an oar, but he's really getting the hang of it. He likes seeing if he can paddle against the wind and current, and he's really proud of himself when he makes headway.

I found some fun toys for Ben's birthday at my favorite thrift store down here. He really likes Hess trucks, and I got a good price on one I think he'll love.

We went to our favorite beach pizza place last night, and the we fed the turtles in the pond behind it and walked the beach. As usual, they all got in and got soaked. I got wise to that this time and brought along some plastic bags and a beach towel. I think that all moms of little boys should keep at least one plastic bag in their purses at all times. :)

And now nap time is about over, and I'll head back down the road, listening to the Jars of Clay hymns album with the windows down, knowing I'll drive up to see salt and sun kissed boys playing by the water....

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