Thursday, September 05, 2013

taking it all together...

We've had some lovely moments this first week of school. We've also had some ugly ones. I've got to take it all together, because that's what life is, a mixture of the hard and the beautiful and the beautifully hard.

From the good and lovely files:

- Boys laughing over Pippi Longstocking. And a mommy who stopped barking at her boys long enough to laugh with them.

- Seth and Evan wanting to do extra on their history work. Seth wanted to label and catalog his dig finds, and Evan wanted to draw his own family tree for this year's Wonder Book.

- Beautiful memory retention. Seth told Daddy about his timeline at dinner, and he actually remembered the word. I know he's heard the word "timeline" about twice in his life, and both of those times were earlier in the day. I need to remember this for the many times he can't remember what we did that day at all.

- "Daddy, I didn't even need to use my 2 complaints during my reading lesson!" (He gets 2. Reading is hard, but I'm not going to let him complain and whine through the whole thing. Grace based parenting? :)

From the frustrating files:

- A bad outbreak of plantar fasciitis that's had me hobbling around and drove me to the store last night for orthotic inserts and better shoes.

- Some crabbiness for all with the upheaval of schedule changes.

- Ben acting out more because he's not getting as much attention, and when that ends with 2 bookshelves worth of books on the floor, Mommy wants to cry. (The picture above is of another set of bookshelves that he emptied during naptime because of unfortunate pack n' play placement.)

- Haven't been able to wear my contacts for about a month now, and I would really prefer my glasses. My eyes sting, burn, and weep. And the allergist said I don't have allergies. Sure. Right.

This blog doesn't make my life look like nothing but peaches and cream. It never has. So I just gave you a plate of brussels sprouts with the dessert. You're welcome. :)

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