Thursday, September 19, 2013

Church life...

Our sweet Seth became a Christian a little over a year ago. It's his story to tell, so I'm not going to share all the details on this blog, but we believe his understanding of Christ and His sacrifice for him is genuine. We see growth in his life and a genuine desire to learn and apply what he's learning. He regularly prays for God's help when he's frustrated or angry or feeling selfish. He's also quite zealous for everyone to know about and love Jesus, as some of our friends and relatives can attest. :) 

In our church, the rising 1st graders have a special day called 1st Grade Bible Day. On that day, they get their very own children's Bible. They're told that they are going to need to carry it to Sunday School and church service. 

The older gentleman in the picture above was Seth's kindergarten Sunday School teacher. We LOVE him. Seth likes to memorize, and he would come home singing the Bible memory songs that Mr. Mancini taught him. One day he started reciting "The Lord's Prayer" in the back seat of the van. I hadn't taught him that, so I asked how he knew it. "Oh, Mr. Mancini taught it to me." He also learned the 10 Commandments and a couple of songs about the books of the Bible. I'm planning to bribe our children's ministry director to get Evan in his class in a couple of years. :) 

David and I serve once a month in a nursery class at church. Our service and Life Class schedules shifted around, and so now we go to service with Seth and then go to Life Class. Our nursery is now during the hour we'd normally go to service, so we needed to figure out what we were going to do with Seth. I asked our children's director if Seth could serve with us on that Sunday, and she was very enthusiastic. I LOVE that our church is so willing to get children involved in helping out... even at 6 years old!

We are in a class of children that are about two years old. There was a decent amount of crying because these are all new classes for the kids. Seth walked over to the chair where David was reading to 2 crying kids. This little girl reached over and grabbed him around the waist and wouldn't let go! Seth felt so important and needed. Eventually David gave up the chair, and he and the little girl sat there, hugging, for at least 20 minutes. Seth would say, "She really likes me, Mommy! I'm helping her feel better!"

We found out later that she has two older brothers. Maybe she just needed a little big brother love... and it was a great introduction to Seth of how he can serve children younger than he is.

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