Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Beginning ancients...

We're beginning "Story of the World- Ancients" this week. The introduction explains how historians learn about what happens in the past, and of course, one of those very important ways is through archaeological digs. I read the chapter from the book and asked the narration questions yesterday.

Today, we read "Archaeologists Dig for Clues," and then we headed out for our very own dig. (This dig had been set up by their teacher the night before in a local friend's sandbox, but they didn't know that. :) They were soooo excited. We noted that the sandbox was a square grid, just like archaeologist's use. We had a sieve and 2 shovels. And a toddler that ran off a few times.

"Look, Mommy! It's a noodle!" "What does that tell us about this people?" "They ate noodles!" "What did they eat with?" "This fork!"

We took a box to put our artifacts and "midden" (ancient garbage) in, and Seth helped me catalog each item when we got it home.

Then we watched the archaeology episode from "The Magic Schoolbus" called "Show and Tell" before moving on to regular work.

I'm so glad they enjoyed this. Although Seth did say, "Mommy, did you bury that stuff in the sandbox?" as we were leaving. He said he was disappointed that it wasn't real, and we talked about why it couldn't be real, and he cheered up after that.

He also said, "Mommy, I love school! I want to do school all day long, Mommy!" Yay for the 2nd day of school! It's only going to get more boring from here out, most likely, but we might as well start off with a bang. :)

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