Monday, May 06, 2013


.... I got my boys back today. My parents wanted them for the weekend, so we took the chance to celebrate our 12th anniversary early. That celebration included "Iron Man 3", finding a beautiful hike on a local river, and yes, some cleaning and yard work.

And then I went to get them this morning. After they were all buckled in their carseats, I paused for a second to look at them in the minivan before I climbed in. I had the unbidden thought, "I have my life back now." Because as much as I love the time alone with the hubster to talk and dream and handle stuff, they are our life. This is what we're called to be doing. They are the life I've been given, and I'm grateful for them.

Beef stew is bubbling away on the stove, and I hear them out in the cul de sac with Daddy. Evan wanted to tell him that he got to watch "Cars" at Nana and Papa's, and he wasn't even scared this time at the car crash part. They both sang me a song that Nana taught them when she had "tea time" with them. :)  The sun is finally out after many days of clouds. I have caught up on cuddles and snuggles post naptime in Ben's room where they all played at my feet as I sat in the rocking chair.

God has been good. So I'm taking a moment to say so...

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