Wednesday, May 29, 2013

birthday boy...

4 years ago today, I was so excited to finally hold my second son in my arms. He was such a beautiful baby. He's still a beautiful baby, just much dirtier and scabbier, but still pretty snuggly. :)

I totally wimped out on the cake this time around. I didn't have it in me to make the dino cake that I made in January for Seth, but Evan wanted a dino cake, too. Enter Dollar Tree. That's possibly an alligator hat (which we're calling a t-rex head), and he's chomping down on a stegosaurus while another t-rex and his friend the triceratops run in terror. I smashed some red jellybeans and laid the steggy on top of them for bloody authenticity. The end. (My mom insisted on making the cake. Well, if you twist my arm....)

I LOVE having a party where I grew up. (We go to do that this year because we were staying with my parents for the homeschool conference.) There are still some times when I wish we could've built a house in the back 40. I grew up on 20 acres, and the house is 500 feet off the road. I can let the big boys go outside and ride their bikes without stress that they'll get run over. I love a lot of things about living in the city, but the lack of privacy and green space isn't one of them.

My friend, Rachel, was homeschooled with me. We graduated the same year. She has 4 kids and one on the way, and we're both homeschooling the second generation. She lives about 5 minutes from my parents. You add in their family and a bunch of riding toys, and you've got a party. :)

Hay ride, courtesy of Papa....

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