Saturday, April 06, 2013


Seth's first Lego creation.

Ben is upstairs taking his morning nap, and David took the big boys out to ride bikes on the walking trail. (Hmm, definitely need to get on researching a bike rack. It isn't easy to fit their bikes into the back of the minivan.) 

Went out for the first time in about 2 weeks yesterday. It felt unfamiliar to put on makeup, and I couldn't remember the last time I'd driven the van. We ate Mexican for dinner, but my stomach wasn't quite ready for it. And I still can't smell anything, so that means that meals taste a little weird. 

David and I are seeing a little improvement every day, but we agree that the recovery from this last sickness has been maddeningly slow. 

We found out that some of the local neighborhoods were having yard sales today, so we gave each of the boys a ziploc bag of coins, and we headed out. We've been learning about small businesses and money as part of school for our last "rowing", and Seth was eager to test out his skills.

He didn't want to go up to the homeowner at first because he didn't know her name. But I got him to ask, and he told her his name, and then he asked how much the toy was. It was more than he had, so she pulled out a box of junk, ahem, toys, that were a quarter. He found a train that he wanted, and he was very proud that he found the right coins to make the right amount. =) 

(People who overprice their stuff at yard sales bug me. I'm sorry, but you're really going to try and charge the same price for that sticker book that I paid for it new at Walmart? They make me want to walk away immediately, and I would've if it hadn't been for the boys.) 

They're cute, riding around, keeping their eyes peeled. Seth prayed quietly that we'd find another yard sale with toys. And though we didn't, we did find a yard sale with a lemonade stand being run by his friend and neighbor, Margaret, and they got to get out and buy sugary pink lemonade. Success! Ben even got a cup when I found an empty sippy in the diaper bag. :) And considering that I hear him talking to himself instead of napping, it seems like that sugar high was a rousing success. 

Getting back into school has been slow, but yesterday I found a good way to reinforce what we've been learning that didn't require much extra energy. I walked into the playroom and told them I'd come to eat at their restaurant, and I had money to pay. They jumped to attention, and I was served the finest plastic chicken in town. We used real coins and talked about what they were worth and added and subtracted. 

There was this little customer that kept coming up to my table and taking my food and running away with it. He was very rude, but the management told me that he was a "baby customer," so I guess its ok. He did seem to know how to pretend to eat, and he made "yum" noises quite well. :)

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