Wednesday, March 20, 2013


creating masterpieces of love for Daddy and brothers.... :)

The boys are playing pirate on the faded loveseat in the playroom. They've been shooting bears from the pirate ship. Evan doesn't want to shoot the baby bears because they're tame.

Yesterday and today, Seth told us that he wants to work so that Daddy won't have to. As far as I can tell, this involves him making all kinds of things in a shop he's going to create in the backyard. Nana and Papa will drive here to buy the things from him (Did you hear that, Dad? You'll be supporting us.), and then Daddy will be able to stay home. Daddy apparently doesn't get enough naps, so he's tired, but Seth is going to take care of this by working. Daddy needs to tell everyone he works with that he's quitting.

I love his generous little heart. I melt and snicker at the same time. That happens pretty often around here...

We've had a really good last couple of weeks. I'm trying "1,2,3 Magic" techniques, and I think that helps with the whining and tantrums, but overall, they've just been in great moods... all 3 of them! And that makes Mommy happy. :)

And I'm realizing that I'm a good bit less lonely and angsty than I was at the beginning of the school year. It took awhile for me to figure this out, but most every mom I know that was making the transition of a child into school was feeling similarly. No matter what kind of school we were choosing, it was a big change for all of us, and that's just hard. 

We've gotten into our groove here, and I'm more comfy with it. And I'm mostly comfortable with the network of family and friends that surround me. Sure, I'm open to change and new friendships, but I don't feel the big push to create some sort of new normal that I did. Gradual is good. Just because I woke up one morning as a kindergarten teacher doesn't mean that we needed to overhaul everything... :)

Things to look forward to? Starting to "row" "Night of the Moonjellies" today. Hunting up glow stick bracelets to give him a moonjelly bath. The new Greek chicken recipe I've got marinating. Figuring out how to make tzatziki sauce later this week. Resurrection eggs. Our mice problem is probably gone, and the pantry got a good reorganizing in the process. 

And that nothing I own is too precious to be peed on. :)

Happy Monday!

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