Tuesday, March 26, 2013

... and then the other shoe fell.

We thought we were going to my parent's house for a few days this week to play with my brother's family. So we packed up the car on Sunday afternoon, loaded up the kids, and we were there by dinnertime.

Seth saw his very first college basketball game, dissolved into tears when his older cousin told him he was cheering for the wrong team when he got confused, and learned a lot in the process. =) (Yes, we really need to get on top of the whole "sports watching" part of their education.)

The kids played sooo well together on Monday. It was heartwarming to watch Seth and Isaac draw together, inventing rocket ships. They built Lego cars and drove them around, went outside to play catch, and even learned how to shoot the BB gun together. (I have mixed feelings about this idea of Dad's, so we'll have to keep a tight rein on it.)

But Evan was feeling awful. I knew he'd had a cold before we came, but it was just a cold and wasn't stopping him from enjoying life mostly as usual. By Monday, he was pathetic. He wouldn't eat and lay on the floor a lot of the time. I was getting worried, but after he threw up a cup of milk after his nap, we decided to take our contagious road show back on the road. Mom and Dad will have Vance and Terri's kids for a week while they're traveling for work, and we didn't want to give anyone a stomach bug.

We got home, got the kids to bed, and we crashed ourselves. And then two of us woke up with colds. I'd had a scratchy throat and a little congestion for the last few days, but today I woke up with the real thing. Seth is also wiping his nose a lot. And Ben is grumpy and snotty. The only one to escape so far is David. (Prayers for his continued health appreciated.)

I'd been disappointed when we left my parent's house. I was looking forward to the visit and Mom's good cookin'. BUT, I hate being sick anywhere other than in my own home. I know how hard that is on me, and I'm glad I didn't have to do it.

Looking for the silver lining, right? We'll lay low, watch more Netflix for Kids, and take it easy with Easter crafts and abbreviated school for the week, and I hope we'll all be well by Easter. Fingers crossed....

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