Tuesday, February 19, 2013


... random picture I took of my nursing mother's Bible study small group from last year. Loved that group. Sniff. 

David and I got away for a much cherished birthday present weekend over President's Day. We actually went skiing for the first time in 7 years. And now I'm really sore. The end. =) Just kidding. It was awesome to have the time together to talk and hang out and sleep in, and we're grateful to David's parents. They got a taste of Life with Ben... and they have the smeared lotion all over their living room to prove it. =) 

We got back into town, and after dinner and bedtime and the library book pick up, I dragged my exhausted booty over to a friend's house to hang out on her couch in my sweatpants and eat popcorn. Her hubby was out of town, and so we had the quiet house to ourselves. 

And I was thinking today about how blessed I am to have solid girlfriends. There are at least 4 women that I know right now that I would think nothing of going over to their house in sweats, no makeup, not having showered in 2 days, and probably with something nasty wiped on my shirt. 

I don't take this for granted. Friendships where you can truly let yourself be known with all your tiredness and failings and frustrations out there for inspection are nothing less than a gift from God.... 

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