Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Educational paradigm shift...

I still haven't figured out how to download Picasa to this computer because I'm a wussy when it comes to learning computer thingies, and we've been running ourselves ragged lately. More pictures will have to wait for later.

However, I did come across this cool video via Conversion Diary, and I thought I'd repost. Let's see if I can do that without Windows Live Writer... I can. Hooray!

So, what do you think of this? Any thoughts, friends?


Catrin Joyner said...

I have watched this video at least 20 times and shown it to at least 6 other people. I think it's fascinating and probably very accurate. It gives me great hope as a homeschool mom as I see the divergent thinking in my old children and have "classrooms" of children of different age, ability, strategy and creativity. What were your thoughts on it?

Ellen said...

I didn't think he gave a lot of solutions for those stuck in an institutional structure. I was really interested in the study showing that kids lose their "out of the box" thinking the longer they're in school. Though I do think that we just naturally do that by learning societal rules and norms the older we get, and it may have less to do with the kind of school you are enrolled in than just being a part of the culture around you.