Wednesday, December 26, 2012

the day after Christmas…


My little wise men giving the traditional gifts to the Baby Jesus. Next year, I’m going to have to get some real myrrh and frankincense from the health food store. They earned plastic gold coins this year by showing God’s love to others that they used to buy oxen, ducks, and chickens for people in need. Definitely have to do that again next year…

It’s pouring down rain. I somehow managed to oversleep by an entire hour, and Seth woke me up. I would feel guilty, but I guess everyone was tired enough that they needed to oversleep, too. Daddy’s back at work. =(

Seth is working on writing lowercase “y”s right now, and we’ve had some practice identifying place value of tens and ones. I think we’ll try and get in a reading lesson in tonight.

The freezer is getting really empty. I’m going to go to the grocery store tonight to restock. Time to cook up some chicken and ground beef to freeze. And I’m going to do these freezer crockpot meals again. They were good (all but the burrito meat)… but I think they are going to marinate in their bags for 24 hours before I freeze them this time for maximum flavor. And its time to make some more pizza sauce to freeze and more bags of pizza dough ingredients.

I’m going to make a doctor’s appointment for Ben and Evan. Ben’s had a mostly clear runny nose for two weeks now. I think its teething because he’s also got a ton of drool, but its time to check for an ear infection to be on the safe side. And Evan has had a runny nose when he wakes up for that long, so he’ll get a look see as well.

I enjoyed the time with my parents before Christmas, but I’m glad to be back in my nest again. The mundane is pleasant enough right now. =)

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