Tuesday, December 18, 2012



The great family picture taken at the professional level photo booth at our church’s family festival. And I had to make it black and white because David and I were too pasty looking for the internet. The end.

I just heard Evan say that he and Seth should build a clubhouse and go to the moon. They’re spending a lot of time lately building cars and trucks and “car transporters” and beds out of the small table and chairs in the playroom.

We’re not doing much school today. We’ve missed a good bit in the last few days because of sickness. First it was me…. stomach bug and sinus infection. Then Seth threw up. Then Ben. Hey, at least I can make it up whenever we need to.

I’ve kind of just come to accept this. Some member of this family has been sick pretty much since right before Thanksgiving. If I accept that we’re going to be sick a lot in the winter, then I don’t get as stressed out when the first person throws up. And even a quick glance at my Facebook feed makes it clear that I’m not alone. Misery loves company. =)

I can’t write about school shootings. I read about it, and I absorb enough to make me sad, but I block out the “too much” that would incapacitate me with worry and sadness.

Tomorrow we go to my parent’s house for a few days before Christmas. David is looking forward to me taking the children and leaving him. =) I’m going to take bubble baths and ignore the whining I hear coming from the living room and let Mom and Dad help me deal with it for a few days.

And now I must go because a skirmish has broken out in the playroom. Merry Christmas! The world is dark and sad and broken with sickness and death… but He was born into the darkness, and those small purple and pink candles that we light each night remind us that even a small light banishes the darkness. And how great a light He is!

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