Wednesday, December 05, 2012

good things…


Wing designer and builder extraordinaire.

- Ben gets slightly less destructive every day.

- Too many good activities and friends to spend time with, and that there will be summer to enjoy with the ones that school time takes away from right now.

- Dark chocolate toffee pretzel bark.

- Holding my baby in his dark room while he drinks a warm bottle.

- A school break coming soon for this weary mom.

- Boys in awe of something as simple as turning off the lights and lighting a candle for dinner.

- Husband reading scripture by candlelight.

- That chicken cooked in the crockpot falls off the bones easily, and that sometimes one dinner meal yields enough leftovers for another.

- Homeschool: usually the best part of my day.

- Snuggling up with my oldest while he reads his first story in a book.

- Seeing the lessons of perseverance sinking in when reading is hard.

- Big boys that spend lots of time together in their bedroom building “animal houses” out of pillows and play silks before breakfast.

- Being able to take the time out to talk and pray about being a sore loser.

- Husband encouragement and perspective…

- Praying for Daddy’s day during morning devotions, and having a son mention it to him when he gets home.

- The Christmas lights and decorations are up… even if the bathrooms are still filthy. =)

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