Thursday, August 30, 2012

let it ride…

We went to our first homeschool support group meeting last Saturday. I was nervous. David figured out how nervous when I made them all change into collared shirts. =)

I looked around the big room full of families of all shapes and sizes, and I’ve got to admit, I felt a bit of dismay. There seemed like too many options and too much variety among my fellow homeschoolers for me to easily be able to feel a sense of connection.

Yeah, that whole “holding hands as we run through the meadow with deep, meaningful, and wholesome books in our unique yet matching backpacks to read by the clear stream while joyfully wading into nature study” vision I had may take awhile to come to fruition.

I know you’re shocked.

“Slow and steady, girl,” I tell myself. I repeat to myself not to expect too much, not to take on too much, not to sign up for more than one field trip in September… I want to do it all and become it all right away when I plunge into something new, and that usually isn’t good. Since my natural tendency is to overdo it, I’m fighting for simplicity and low expectations.

I need to listen to David when he says that the geocaching activity and the Old Salem field trip are too old for our boys this year. I need to maintain many of our activities and friendships and slowly and gradually change or expand them. I need to be gentle with myself, and get excited about the continuity of our lifestyle with Community Bible Study starting up and the change with adding that homeschool gymnastics class.

Ben has taken all 137 magnets off of our fridge now, so my time is up… Catch ya later.

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Chelsea said...

I'm the exact same way- throwing myself head first into a new experience without thought or care. Thank goodness for our level-headed husbands right?