Thursday, May 17, 2012



My brother and his family came to town. And when I asked him to help me figure out if we had a limb that would be strong enough for a rope swing, he didn’t stop there. “You got anything I could make one with?” I pulled out an unused decking board from the shed.

My brother took it back to his father-in-law’s house in the afternoon. Did I mention that his father-in-law is a builder? =) That board came back looking nothing like a decking board. It got sanded, routered, drilled, and sprayed. =) He was also given some leftover climbing rope.

My view from the kitchen window while fixing dinner was of Vance and David trying to throw that rope over the branch. They had it up and all the children swinging before the homemade pizza was done…

claireswinging Another childhood memory of ours…. created for our children….

I love you, Vance.

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