Wednesday, May 23, 2012

NCHE Conference, here we come….

I shoulda planned on getting fast food tonight. I’m sitting here at the computer, and I know if I look behind me, I’ll see some dirty dishes. I’ve got a list a page long of things to pack into our van tonight, and I just came from upstairs where I got all the boys’ stuff that we’ll need out of their rooms. No rest for the weary…. =)

But tomorrow we’re headed to the North Carolinians for Home Education Annual Conference. If I wasn’t so tired and feeling so cruddy from yet another nasty thing that’s blooming, I’d be excited. =) Maybe my enthusiasm will peak once we reach Winston tomorrow.

David came in tonight, and as we kid wrangled, he said, “It just hit me today that we’ll be a homeschooling family by this fall.” It was cute. I teased, “Are you excited, honey?” =) I’m glad he’s so jazzed about this new phase of life. It’s a big blessing.

This fall, we’ll be joining all of our siblings in homeschooling. We’re both surprised by that, actually. Terri will be homeschooling Isaac, and Kelli started homeschooling all the other nieces and nephew this year. I guess its unanimous for now. =) We all like to be weird and wonderful, right guys?

Maybe it’ll hit me when I’m walking around the convention center tomorrow, hand in hand with my husband. To homeschool my children has always been one of my biggest dreams for my life, and its actually coming true. This is where I wanted to be one day when I was a teen. This is where I hoped I’d be headed one day when I was in college. The dream never really changed, and I’m getting to live it now….

Thanks for instilling a love for this kind of family life and learning in my heart early on, Mom. I’m where I am today because of you and Dad…. I know you wanted to give up many a day when we hit those tricky middle school and high school years. Thanks for not giving up….

And now off to console the cranky baby and load up. We’re hitting the road soon…

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