Monday, October 03, 2011

pumpkin monday…



Hello on this beautiful fall day! I woke up this morning with a determined glint in my eye. I would do more today than simply get by… I would craft, and do laundry, and make waffles, and be outside… all before naptime! As you can imagine, I now have a sink of dirty dishes, I’m tired and mildly frazzled, and I’m praying the baby doesn’t wake up before I finish this post.

But we did have a good morning overall! I made up the batter for waffles last night and stowed it in the fridge, and despite oversleeping and not getting my act together, we did actually have them for breakfast. And then it was on to crafting!

This is a craft I was able to do with both boys at the same time while the baby (fitfully) napped. Seth got out the scissors and cut up orange construction paper while I worked with Evan to rip up his orange paper. Then we all sat at the table, and I helped Evan glue his papers onto a cut out paper plate circle with Elmer’s while Seth used a glue stick to put his papers on. I cut out the stem, eyes, nose, and mouth for them, and I put them on for them after they were done with the rest. Seth spent quite a while trying to get his just right, and he kept telling Evan, “Move away. You’re distracting me from my work.” =)

Then we read “Too Many Pumpkins” by Linda White. It’s a sweet story that I got from the library after reading the linked review.

For lunch, we had applesauce with cinnamon sprinkled in, just like the cinnamon in the baked goods mentioned in the book. Seth enjoyed it especially. And I wondered what I was thinking letting Evan feed himself out of a bowl. =)

I have lots of other plans for fall activities. We’ll see how many of them I get done ‘cause I really need to take it slower than I did today. But I found some great stuff on my new favorite preschool website… Homeschool Creations. Her preschool printables are perfect for Seth’s level right now. I printed off the fall printable pack, and I’m looking forward to doing them.

And if you haven’t seen the neat acorn munchie idea floating around the web, you’re missing out. Take a Hershey’s kiss, glue on a mini nilla wafer with peanut butter, and add a smidge of peanut butter for a stem. You have an adorable snack!

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