Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween

DSC_0345 Happy Halloween from our pirate and his faithful giraffe…

(Seth wants you to know that he is a good pirate that saves all the boys and girls from the bad guys. Just so you know…)

DSC_0351 He kept all this on the whole time… hat, earring, and eye patch. We were really surprised by that. And, just so ya know, cheap black eyeliner makes great whiskers and mustaches…

DSC_0349 Happy Giraffe. I’m glad it was cold ‘cause this costume is warm… $7 at a yard sale, baby! Never been worn… the mom had bought ahead, but she was moving to Hawaii. =)

IMG_1245And last, but not least, my littlest punkin. He was so cute that I wanted to eat him with a spoon… but I settled for kissing him over and over instead. =)

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