Friday, October 14, 2011

brain dump…

It’s 4:23 p.m. on Friday, and the boys are still all sleeping (miracle!), so I’m brain dumping. Ben is in my bed, of course. These days, the two of us go down as soon as the boys do. Gotta love that baby. Put him in the swing… he’ll wake and scream every 10 minutes or so. Put him in my bed… he sleeps like a log. =)

I’ve realized that the mild nausea I’ve had on an off for a couple of days is familiar. Yes, it’s exhaustion nausea. Ever had it? I did after Evan… after enough nights of crummy sleep, my body fights back this way. Here you are again, old friend. That’s ok. I can get you to leave for awhile if I get a nap. =)

I feel worse for Seth, actually. He practically has dark circles under his eyes. Evan keeps him up with crying and waking a lot more than usual lately. Evan is our light sleeper, and he wakes up when we’re up and about with Ben, and then he wakes Seth up. The poor guy was having meltdowns today at the children’s museum, and it was because he was ridiculously tired. I was more gentle than usual with him about it. I wish there was something I could do to help him, but Evan wakes us all up, so it’s not like moving him out of Seth’s room would help.

I took a picture of Seth today “breastfeeding” his baby doll. Yep, he hiked up his shirt and put baby “Evan” to his chest. I promise not to show it to his girlfriend one day. If he pays me. Mwah hah hah! I can’t bear to break it to him yet that he won’t be able to do this part of baby caring. He’s such a little nurturer.

David and I have kept striking out on getting a date night the last couple of weeks. One of his friends, realizing how tired he is, offered to take the hit and watch his 2 kids and our 2 two oldest tonight by himself so we can go out. And I will bounce until I’m dizzy with Ben in the baby carrier if it means we can go to a restaurant without Seth and Evan.

I think I’d like to “boo” some of the neighbors. See this for more information. I think the boys would get a big kick of sneaking up to someone’s house in the dark and leaving a treat on their steps, then running away. I bought the stuff to make chocolate kiss acorns, so maybe we’ll make those and do it. Maybe.

See, I want to enjoy my children to the hilt, despite exhaustion. I kissed Ben’s sweet sleeping cheeks a few minutes ago and prayed that I would. I want to take them to the children’s museum and watch them play, even if I’m dead on my feet. And I am so glad that we have three, even though I look around and see other couples with less children who are also struggling less with the tiredness. I don’t envy them, really. The boys are worth it.

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