Monday, May 30, 2011

my baby’s 2nd birthday…

IMG_1043 My baby boy turned 2 this Sunday. Sniff. I snuggled him and kissed his little blonde head yesterday morning, and I couldn’t help but think about the first time I held him in my arms. Now he can speak in full sentences, do puzzles like a pro, and even ask us, “How was your day?” =)

Memorial Day weekend is a great time to have a birthday. No need to plan a party… we can just go to the beach to celebrate! I made up a batch of Evan’s current favorite dessert, homemade chocolate chip cookie dough, and we packed up and went to my parent’s cabin on the sound.

I baked cookies all evening the night before his birthday, and David taped up balloons. I made cherry Jello jigglers in the shapes of sea creatures (using the cookie cutters from his playdough set.) I love doing little things to prep for their birthdays… I find joy in it.


We went to the aquarium for Evan’s birthday, and he was SOOOO excited. He ran from tank to tank, squealing and yelling “Fishy! Fishy!” He was a ball of 2-year-old overstimulation.


I took Seth to the dollar store to pick out presents for Evan. I told him he could get 3 things. He kept seeing new things he wanted to get for Evan, and he’d have to choose and put something else back. We finally ended up with a ball, a boat, and some small airplanes.


Seth is big on playing in the water in front of the cabin right now. He’ll spend hours out there, practicing his new kicking and paddling techniques in the shallow water. Evan, however, isn’t such a big fan. The small waves intimidate him at this point. BUT… he spent an hour throwing oyster rocks in the water. Dad and David kept pulling them out and he’d throw them again and again… and again.

Happy Birthday, my little one. Thank you for making Seth a brother. And thank you for showing me how good being the mom of boys can be…

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