Tuesday, February 08, 2011

almost 12 weeks….


David took this while I was pulling my hair up (totally realistic; I do that all day) while wearing the most pregnant looking maternity top I currently possess. This is what a woman looks like at 11 weeks when she’s on her 3rd pregnancy. Yes, I did a weekly step and tone class for months that ended at Thanksgiving. Yes, I had a pretty tight tummy. No, it did not help at all. =)

Actually, I don’t mind a bit. I love looking pregnant, and now that the sickness has subsided, I love being pregnant. When I was pregnant with Seth, I pouted because it seemed like it took forever for me to start showing. =) I’ve always loved being pregnant, really. My skin gets all glowy (some days), I get to anticipate feeling the baby moving around in there, and a lot of the maternity clothes I borrow look better than my everyday wardrobe. It’s a nice bonus that I no longer worry about sucking in my tummy for 9 whole months!

I have been blessed, and I know it. This time around, I feel like a walking miracle. People I know stop me in the halls at church, smile, and exclaim at God’s goodness. I’m glad if the sight of me (right now =) can make them think of His grace. And…. I’ve always had far easier pregnancies than a lot of my friends. I don’t have much in the way of morning sickness, I usually have a decent amount of energy right up until the end, and things generally go pretty nicely. I won the pregnancy lottery, if not the fertility lottery up until now.

There are moments when I go through my day that are like little flashes of happiness as I briefly think about this blessing v. I see stretch mark cream in the cabinet I’d meant to give away, thinking there’d be no more pregnancies for quite awhile, if ever. I plan my maternity outfit for the next day, and it makes me smile. I rub my tummy at night before bed and pray for the baby inside. I read books to Seth about Mommy’s pregnancy and answer his questions. It’s a wonderful thing that he’s old enough to ask questions and get interested in the baby.

12 weeks tomorrow! First trimester almost over…. I can’t wait to get my roots done. =)

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Robin said...

How blessed you are! God helped you do this all on your own (with David's help) this time. I'm so thrilled for you. I do hope the rest of your pregnancy goes easy and that you have a easy (as possible) delivery and that your little bundle of joy is healthy! Much love,Robin