Wednesday, January 05, 2011


This morning, I was invited by a certain almost 4-year-old to join him in a little train ride. He asked me to pull the chairs from the little table in the playroom so they touched, telling me that that was “hooking on the car in the back.”

After he was seated in front with a plastic ring held in his hand for a steering wheel, he realized that he’d forgotten the tickets. “Here’s your ticket, Mommy,” he said, as he handed me a Duplo block. Another Duplo block was his “chipper,” and he proceeded to chip my ticket.

After we were on our way “to the train museum where you can watch trains and push buttons to get the trains going,” he asked me if I’d like a snack for my ride. What was on the menu for the day? “Candy bars.” (Funny, since he doesn’t see a lot of candy bars.)

My candy bar was a “blueberry orange” candy bar. I was also given “apple juice” to drink. He had to stop the train and hunt up a straw for my apple juice.

At this point, I needed to take a potty break. When I came back out, the engineer informed me that I was going to get a “special toy” for the train… if I agreed to sit down in the train. It was a little car and a mini car transporter.

Best train ride I’ve had in years…. =) And when I was done riding, Mrs. Turkey got on. I suggested that Bunny ride with her, but apparently Bunny doesn’t like trains. Go figure.

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