Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday randomness….


- Seth is having cutting practice in the playroom. He’s just figured out how to cut all the way down a piece of paper. He has long green paper strip “trees” all laid out, but trying to cut red apples didn’t work out so well. =)

- I’m considering getting baby gates for the two doorways of the playroom. Evan wanders around the living room all the time now, and I don’t trust him in there for a second. It would be nice to trap him in where I can know what he’s doing without having to chase after him every few minutes.

- What about playpen time? I’m thinking that may be what I have to do after he completely gives up any morning nap. I can’t work with Seth very easily with him roaming around…. Anybody done it? Had it work?

- Seth has just learned to “read” to his baby brother. He can flip the pages and tell Evan the story he’s memorized. It’s very sweet to see Evan run up to him with a book sometimes, and it makes Seth feel pretty tall.

- We’re getting ready for a big 4th birthday around here. Seth is excited about it for the first time, and he’s been mentioning it for days. I’m going to make him a fish cake for the big day, and my parents are coming for the day. We’re not going to do anything really fancy, but that’s because we tend to think that you can go too big on birthdays when they’re small, and they get more out of a small celebration.

- David’s been in and out of court and traveling a lot in the past couple of weeks. I hope this weekend will give him some good down time to relax. I can’t do anything to make things easier for him at work, but I can try and make it easier when he’s home.

- I’ve never been so ready for spring. Having two active boys cooped up in the house is a new experience for me, and I don’t like it much. A lot of the play places are germy, so I hesitate to go in flu season. I miss sunshine and bird song.

- Evan is more of a snuggle bug every day. He likes to curl up in the crook of my arm and suck his fingers, and I get lots of smiles when I kiss him all over. Love it…

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