Monday, January 24, 2011

9 weeks…

Hi, all. Thanks for the sweet congratulations. We’re excited and surprised and happy around here…

I enjoyed the first couple of days after we found out, and then a lot of anxiety set in. I had very little idea when I got pregnant or how far along I was because of my long cycles, and I couldn’t get in to see my doctor for 3 weeks.

Those were 3 very stressful weeks. It was really hard to believe that everything was ok. My poor ovulation on one drug probably caused an early miscarriage, so I worried that my body’s wacked out system hadn’t gotten this right, either.

It was a HUGE relief to see a beautiful little 8-week-old baby on the ultrasound screen when I finally went in. I think I was more stunned by that than by the positive pregnancy test.

Things have been going along pretty smoothly. I’ve been battling some morning sickness, and I’m tired. It’s more difficult to keep up with things right now with two little ones underfoot. David has also been doing some traveling and working late, but my sainted mother came to help me while he was gone, and that, as it happened, was the worst of the morning sickness so far. God bless her… she didn’t bat an eyelash when I threw up my breakfast in the sink (it was the side with the disposal. =)

I’m tired today, but I want to type down for myself the things that I actually have accomplished, and the things I do need to be thankful for…

- Getting my Bible study done instead of falling down to nap as soon as the boys went down.

- Freezing the spaghetti sauce I made over the weekend.

- Making a couple of early Valentines with Seth.

- Reading lots of books and playing pet shop and restaurant with both boys.

- Playing Cadoo with Seth even though I wanted to lie down on the floor instead. =)

- Figuring out and installing the blessed baby gates on both doorways of the playroom.

- Evan’s willingness not to challenge the gates. Hallelujah!

- Going on a playdate this morning.

- Doing 3 loads of laundry.

Ok, it wasn’t that bad today. I did get some stuff done. And now off for that nap… =)

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Terri said...

Hey Ellen,

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Will pray for more energy for train rides and playing restaurant!