Friday, December 31, 2010

a new year….

masted ship 

Our family ship has come into harbor. The sails are up, even if they are thin. The hull has patches, but it’s intact. We’ve taken on water, but we’ve also bailed it. Pirates have boarded, but David and I have fought them off together, and we’re stronger for it.

I don’t know exactly what the New Year will bring. Nobody does. I’m sure it will be full of its share of beauty and struggle just like every year I can remember….

But I’m taking this post from Ann Voskamp as my mantra for the year. Worries assault me from all sides on a lot of days. How will we do it all? How will we survive and thrive when this and this and that happen?

Fear about the future is an enemy that wants to steal my joy. I need to learn, over and over again, to live here and now…

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