Thursday, November 11, 2010

WHat is success in blogging?

Just. read. it.

This is why I don’t make my blog private… even though I’ve been tempted.

A gal struggling with infertility found my blog through googling the ART program of Alabama, and she told me my blog ministered to her. And so this blog continues to be searchable.

I have no clue who reads here really. I have Sitemeter, but it doesn’t tell me much. If you’re reading this through a feed reader, I have no clue who you are. I’m ok with that.

I’m a stay at home mom, a wife, a mother, a struggler, a fighter, a doubter… and if my stories help you and make you feel less alone, I’ll pull a couple of feathers out for you. Sharing our stories is a gift and a blessing to the Body of Christ and to those outside it looking in. I’m trying not to be afraid of doing that, even if it might get misunderstood….


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NotTheMama said...

:) I'm still reading. Your words have brought peace and encouragement and smiles. I see your little guys grow up and learn and it makes me able to step back from all this craziness going on and say "One day, we will make it there!" Commenting isn't always easy (or possible) from my blackberry, but I just wanted to say thanks for keeping your blog open!