Sunday, October 24, 2010

kristin lavransdatter…

Well, I just finished Sigrid Undset’s Kristin Lavransdatter, and I feel a tad bit bereft. At 1124 pages, this book has been with me all week! =)

There aren’t many books that I’ve picked up that I would really like to add to my home library. I’m not a book buying gal; I get most books from the library, and I don’t usually read a novel more than once.

That said, I would like to own this one. It’s hard to describe exactly what is so meaningful about it…. but it’s a beautifully written portrait of a woman’s life, from birth to marriage, through motherhood and child rearing, and then from widowhood to death. Her sins and struggles and joys feel real and painful and fresh, and I related to her in many painful ways as she struggled to love God and her family and serve them well, conscious as she was of her own sins and failings.

But I’m having trouble contemplating the joys of literature while a sick baby coughs and whines for me to read him “Noah’s Ark” for the 4,381st time, so I shall depart now. =)

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