Thursday, October 28, 2010

D is for dog…

Preschool is on Friday this week. =) Wednesday came and went without it…

D is for Dog

- Draw the letter D on the Magnadoodle. Have him attempt to copy it. Talk about words that start with letter D.

- D bag- pull out D items

- Read The Great Dog Wash Jamboree. Talk about dogs. Let him brush our visiting dog, my “brother,” Albert. =)

- Collect some fresh leaves and make wax paper leaves.

- Printed out this D worksheet, and let him dot the D’s with bingo marker.

- Play Alphabet Bingo, a game I inherited from my Great Aunt Mary, a preschool teacher. She has many bingo cards with multiple letters and numbers on them. You call out the letters, and if they get bingo, they get a little prize.

- Read new books from the library.


Seth seems to really like the repetition of drawing the letter on the Magnadoodle and doing the letter bag each week. He looks forward to it, so we’re continuing to do it because of the comforting routine it gives.

I was also pointed to this website by my friend, Rachel. Honestly, there is WAY more than I’d ever want to do here, and the panic that a site like this can induce could be prohibitive. Some homeschool mom blogs leave me with a guilty “Wow, what a homeschooling mother… I am a slug.” feeling. But, my mom reminds me that homeschooling is a marathon, not a sprint, so I’m not going to fret… yet. And this is great stuff if you can get past feelings of inadequacy and enjoy what she so graciously provides!

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